Geometry Notes


These are sample scanned notes that have been taken from a student in class.  They are orgainzed by the general topics listed.  If you missed a class you can use these notes if you cannot find a classmate to copy their notes.  Although I do not give the exact same notes to all classes, the same general concepts are used and the examples are all similar.

Basics of Geometry, Vertical Angles, Linear Pair

Sum of Parts = Whole, Midpoint, Bisector, Slope

Complete the Square
Equations of Lines, Segment Divided into Ratio
Parallel Lines with Transversal and Angles, Perpendicular Bisector Equation
Determine if Lines are Parallel, Distance Between 2 Points
More Complicated Parallel Line/Angle Questions
Slope and Distance with variable coordinates and factoring
Dividing a Segment on a Graph into a Ratio, Finding the missing Endpoint, Congruent vs Equal
Basics of Triangles, Types, Larger Sided vs Larger Angles
Right Triangles (Trig), Finding the Type of a Triangle
Exterior Angles of Triangle
More Complicated Isos Triangle Problems
Area and Perimeter of a Triangle on a Graph, Pythagorean Theorem with Variable Sides
Comparing Angles Measurements (Inequalities), Equilateral Triangle
Congruent Triangles
Similar Triangles
Midsegments in Triangles, Parallel Lines in Triangles
Geometric Mean, Altitude to the Hypotenuse
Area and Perimeter of Similar Figures
Points of Concurrency in Triangles
Transformations: Translations and Reflections
Reflection over y = x and y = -x, Dilations centered at the origin
Composition of Transformations



Parallelogram and Rectangle
Rhombus and Square
Trapezoid and Isosceles Trapezoid
Statement Reasons Day 1
Statement Reasons Day 2
Statement Reasons Day 3
Proofs Day 1
Proofs Day 2
Proofs Day 3
Proofs Day 4
In Class Problems (no ans) #1    Answers
In Class Problems (no ans) #2    Answers
In Class Problems (no ans) #3    Answers
In Class Problems (no ans) #4    Answers
In Class Problems (no ans) #5 with Answers